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What's 'Nu' This Week
ISBN: 0930213157
Rabbi Nachman's Aleph-Bet Book is a collection of aphorisms on the various character traits, positive... more...
US$ 7.95
What's Hot & Free in eBooks
Author: Gila Gat Tilman
Publisher: MAZO
The book is a collection of articles that contain important insights. At a university conference... more...
What's Changing
Publisher: Nesher Hagadol
Hebrew commentary on the Rambam, similar to Kehati for Mishnayos, which culls the various Nosei... more...
US$ 6.99
Publisher: ראובן מס
ISBN: 978-965-09-0290-2
In thoughtful and engaging prose, Rabbi Greenberg explains and interprets theorigin, background,... more...
US$ 9.00
ISBN: 978-1928822561
What is Likutey Tefilot? Likutey Tefilot is a collection of personal prayers composed by Reb Noson... more...
US$ 8.95
Author: Rochelle Saidel
ISBN: 9789652295293
On March 9, 1942, the Jewish community of Mielec, Poland, ceased to exist. The Nazis dismantled... more...
US$ 9.99
Author: Chaim Kramer
ISBN: 9781928822110
Realize your potential. With Rebbe Nachman as our guide, let us tap into the mysteries of the Torah... more...
US$ 7.95
Publisher: Sichos In English
ISBN: 0826606091
Series: Sichos In English, 49
Excerpts of Sichos delivered by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, at his periodic... more...
US$ 4.95
The purpose of this thesis is to develop a new distinction between the differing approaches of Beit... more...
US$ 5.00
Author: Eliyahu Touger
Publisher: Sichos In English
ISBN: 1881400085
The Alter Rebbe once told his chassidim: “We have to live with the times.” The chassidim, trained... more...
US$ 7.95
Author: Paul Eidelberg
Publisher: Lightcatcher Books
ISBN: 978-0-9847606-0-2
The book marks the conclusion of some fifty years of research and writing on the foundational principles... more...
US$ 10.00
Author: Malka Touger
Publisher: Sichos In English
ISBN: 188140014X
Whenever I would go to a farbrengen, I would watch the Rebbe for hours, seeing everything he did... more...
US$ 5.95
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Well, what about dinosaurs? And 35 other Bible challenging questions – and the answers.
US$ 5.00
Publisher: Milah Press
ISBN: 9652292729
The Maskilon Series is the product of many years of collaboration between senior editor, Avraham... more...
US$ 8.00
Publisher: Milah Press
This is without the most valuable tool for learning Hebrew grammar that one can find. Avraham Solomonik,... more...
US$ 5.00
This cook book, written by the first Shomer Shabbat graduate of the Culinary Institute of America,... more...
US$ 7.95
Author: Gutman Locks
105 Jewish Meditation Techniques and the Mystical Experiences they can Produce.
US$ 8.00
Publisher: Milah Press
ISBN: 9652292745
Hebrew to English dictionary which includes lists of Hebrew abbreviations and widely used Hebrew... more...
US$ 8.00
ISBN: 9652293121
The Maskilon IV is the English to Hebrew volume of the series. Search for an English word and find... more...
US$ 8.00
Author: Michael Kagan
And then the Voice came: “Ready?” I didn't start the whole routine of asking, “Who are you?” Besides,... more...
US$ 4.59
Author: Chaim Clorfene
Publisher: Menorah Books
ISBN: 978-0-9860026-0-2
The Messianic Temple by Chaim Clorfene is the first "user-friendly" and easy to understand guide... more...
US$ 9.99
Author: Gila Manolson
Publisher: Feldheim
ISBN: 1-56871-997-3
Is dating on your mind? Before going out, there's a lot to look into. In the same direct, down-to-earth... more...
US$ 8.99